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EVE Markets Uploader

The EVE Markets Uploader allows you to contribute to EVE Markets and the wider EVE community by uploading market data from EVE to market data sites such as EVE-Central. EVE Markets uses such sites aas data sources.

All you need to do is have the uploader running while you play EVE - and every time you view market data, that same data will be shared across the EVE community and help to keep EVE Markets up to date.

You'll need a Java 6 runtime environment installed (available from Oracle). The uploader supports Linux and Windows (with Mac support to come if there's demand). Source code is also available below.

Note that the uploader is currently in a beta, testing phase. Please report any bugs to [email protected].


If you wish to upload data in bulk, then the EVE-Central market suggestions page will automatically scan through the market when viewed in the in-game browser.