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What is EVE Market and what does it do?

EVE Market is a free tool enabling you to check global price trends in EVE Online. You can view current data on any item in EVE, as well as historical price trends (in most cases). You can also register an account and create your own personal lists of items to keep track of.

Where does the market data come from?

All market data used is from EVE-Central, a player-run website that uses player-submitted data to build market information. Data is cached for an hour, to reduce the load on the EVE-Central servers. The more data is uploaded to EVE-Central, the more accurate the market picture will be. If you find this site (or EVE-Central) useful, please consider regularly uploading data to EVE-Central.

When does a market 'day' start and end?

The market 'day' runs from 12:00 to 11:00 - that is, from the scheduled end of downtime on one day to the start of downtime on the next. (Extended downtimes are not taken into account.) All times are EVE time (UTC).

How are prices calculated?

Buy and sell prices shown are the median price of buy or sell orders for an item. When "median price" is quoted, the median of all orders (both buy and sell) is used.

How do I interpret the charts?

The day chart shows the median buy, median sell and overall median price fluctuations for the current market day. The historical chart shows the median buy, median sell, and overall median prices at close for each day, for a period of 5, 14, 30 or 90 days, as well as the volumes traded. Unlike the in-game market charts the lines drawn are daily, not moving-average, values.

You'll need a browser supporting JavaScript and Flash to view the charts, which are generated using Open Flash Chart.

Can I use this site in-game?

This website is designed to work with the in-game browser (IGB). IGB users will not be able to see the graphs on the type detail page, but otherwise should have full access to the site. In addition, IGB users are presented with "Show Info" links for all types.

Why would you want to? To compare global prices with your current region's market, or just because you can!

Why is there no previous data for the item type I am interested in?

With over 8,000 different types in EVE, data is only collected on items that have been previously viewed on this site. However, once you view an item for the first time, data will automatically be collected from that point.

Why does this item have a buy/sell price of 0 ISK?

A zero price indicates that there are no known buy/sell orders for that item. Some items are only available on contracts, not the public market system.