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This page gives detailed information and graphs about a market list.

Index Details

Both price indices are used as a comparison to the "official" figures in the Econ Dev Blogs and QENs, and as a more complicated model.

Dynamic Lists

Dynamic lists (for example: Biggest Movers Today) do not contain a predefined group of items, but their contents changes on a regular basis. When history is shown for these lists, it is the history of the current item set that is used.

Market group lists are also considered to be dynamic lists - although their contents does not change with any particular frequency!


RSS XML JSON Starbase Charters

Amarr Empire Starbase Charter BUY 100.19 =SELL 1,212.47 =MEDIAN 988.43 =VOLUME 4,524,862.00 =
Ammatar Mandate Starbase Charter BUY 150.56 =SELL 4,200.01 =MEDIAN 2,399.99 =VOLUME 369,129.00 =
Caldari State Starbase Charter BUY 100.02 =SELL 1,004.99 =MEDIAN 537.88 =VOLUME 7,514,952.00 =
Gallente Federation Starbase Charter BUY 100.14 =SELL 1,197.00 =MEDIAN 749.45 =VOLUME 6,369,352.00 -4,711.00 (-0.07%)
Khanid Kingdom Starbase Charter BUY 130.39 =SELL 2,435.00 =MEDIAN 1,474.99 =VOLUME 1,492,303.00 =
Minmatar Republic Starbase Charter BUY 100.01 =SELL 949.78 =MEDIAN 890.03 =VOLUME 1,813,669.00 =
EVE Markets Index 34.89 Today -67.32 30-day -2,634.83

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